From the first steps when Manlio Mergè was producing only house wine, to Armando’s intuitions which started the Monte Porzio production and to the transformation of the company from local to a national one, till Felice’s visions which lead the production to the international scene with prestigious recognition, the company continues a modern winemaking tradition, typical of eclectic and ambitious people such as Manlio, Armando and Felice Mergè. With two properties, one in Lazio region and one in Puglia region, they own approx. 350 hectares of land where they grow the grapes which after a long and accurate selection will be part of the company’s brands. The estate Poggio le Volpi is located in an area between the edges of Monte Porzio Catone and the roman countryside. Lands with a fantastic exposition where grapes have always reached the highest level thanks to an optimum natural microclimate. With preferably noon orientated vertical trellis and cellars equipped with the latest technologies for the best winemaking and conservation processes, the production leans towards quality wines from selected grapes, cared for with passion and competence by the enologist Felice Mergè, owner and winemaker. The estate Masca del Tacco in Puglia region sees mainly head-trained bush wines of over 50 years of age which are enriched by the warmth of the land and the sea influx of the Salentina peninsula. These factors result in extremely characterized final products. The main grapes are Primitivo, Negroamaro and Fiano, together with Susumaniello. The common objective of the Merge’s estate production is to reach the highest wine quality without altering their tipicality. From niche wines to the more commercial productions, Felice and his staff combines the best of different territories, rich in history and cared with passion, creating a quality production which is the trademark of the company.


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