Apulia is a land of flavors and knowledge, traditions, culture and rural culture. Kissed by the sun and mitigated by the sea, a region rich in fascinating landscapes and pristine nature. Solemn and majestic land that weaves its history with that of the vine: for a thousand years different peoples and cultures have left their mark in the viticulture in Apulia. Today's winemakers work is in continuous dialogue between history and innovation, tradition and experimentation, enhancing the autochthonous and territorial recognizability. Immersed in a unique landscape, with sapling vineyards, dry stone walls and oak barrels, the Apulian Masca del Tacco estate expresses at its best the potential of a land with ancient origins and its innate vocation to winemaking.

Masca del Tacco wines are the praise of a unique land and bear the sign of the tradition also in the names that Armando and Felice Mergè have chosen for them

Lu Rappaio, Susumaniello, Susumaniello Rosato, L’Uetta, Lu Ceppu, Primitivo Old Vines,Lu’Li Rosso Leggermente Appassite and Lu’Li White are the wines of the classic line of the company. The first two are powerful and structured red wines, followed by the fragrant and aromatic white, then the Negroamaro, the Primitivo Old Vines with its captivating internationality and, in the end, the Lu’Lì red and white; the first is a deep red produced from grapes slightly withered on the plant, the second is a white made from Minutolo grapes with a short aging in wooden barrel.

Li Filitti and Piano Chiuso are the reserve of Masca del Tacco, which are the best of Primitivo production together with Lu’Lì “Limited Edition”; mainly produced from old sapling vineyards, they are wines placed on the market later than the minimums forcasted by the rules of the appellation, in order to offer products as ready as possible for consumption and for storing. We recently added a new wine, made from a nice blend mainly composed of Negroamaro with some other Apulian grape added, it is the Cuvèe Anniversario. The biggest news is a rosé sparkling wine, Ro’si, made from Susumaniello to complete the line produced from the same grape.

The warmth of the earth and the fatigue of the hands of the peasants who, season after season, knew the land wisely, contribute to making the wines of this company distinctive and to strongly distinguish the identity within the Masca del Tacco collections.